My Bedroom Decor

Hello and happy Wednesday!

I recently moved into a new place and went through a whole process of planning out and designing my room into what I had envisioned. Let me tell you, this was the perfect project to keep me busy since we are still in the middle of a pandemic. I have been sharing a lot of process via my Instagram, and that may be the reason you’re here if you have been following along with my stories and updates. Thank you for visiting and welcome!

I am a huge believer and advocate of making your personal space whether that be your bedroom, apartment, house, etc. your happy place & sanctuary and surrounding it with things you love and enjoy. Your personal space is the only space that is truly yours and its important to make it enjoyable, welcoming, and a place to go to when you feel like escape the outside world. Or at least the place you like to spend your time especially in these pandemic times.

I moved out of my parents house a little over a year ago, and was ready to create a space of my own. The room at my parents had lavender painted walls and a lot of random things on the walls that related to my childhood or college days. Once I moved into my apartment, I was just trying to get used to being on my own and soaking in all the space and freedom I had that I never really did anything to my room to decorate or really make it my own. So once my apartment lease was coming to an end I started brainstorming what I wanted my new room to look like and started looking up inspiration on Pinterest. I decided to create my own board to put my ideas all in one place and combine ideas of things I really loved.
Pinterest board linked here

For my new room I knew I wanted it to meet certain criteria and interests. I recently became a big lover of plants and started a collection of my own, so I knew I wanted greenery or plants of some sort. I also am a big fan of natural lighting and love opening my windows and having the ability for natural light to come in. I also am not a big fan of clutter and learned I really like open spaces so I knew I wanted a lot of organization. Aside from that, the rest of my room kind of came together on its own and was a pretty effortless but exciting process.

Below are pictures of all my room decor and direct links of where you can shop the exact items or similar items.

Black Makeup Vanity  

I was gifted the makeup vanity a couple years back from my mom and sister for Christmas. I love having a little area in my room to do my makeup and also love that the mirror can close down so I can also use the vanity as a little desk area, which really came in handy this year when I had to start working from home. The desk and the chair came together as a set. I could not find the exact vanity that I have but I found very similar ones on amazon linked here, here,  here,  here, here.

Chest / Hat Wall

I love wearing hats and always kept them in my closet and out of reach so they weren’t always easily accessible, I knew with my new room that I wanted an area to  showcase them whether that meant hang them on the wall or somewhere that I could easily access them and be able to throw on with an outfit. I looked up many different  ways to display them and ended up really liking this idea above. I chose to hang the hats with command hooks so I wouldn’t damage the wall and leaving the option to easily adjust and move them around in case I get more hats in the future to add to my collection.  I got my chest in the Finley bedroom set collection from Living spaces. I am in love with the gray woodsy finishing of the bedroom set. It really ties my room together with the neutral tone and the hats add a little pop of color.

Chest linked here.
Google Home linked here.
Hats purchased previously here, here,  here, here,
Camera linked here, here, here.
Tripod linked  here and here.
Hooks used to hang walls linked here, and here 

Curtain LED Lights


These curtain lights are amazing! I found them on Amazon and they have 8 different settings. I have always been a fan of hanging lights in my room, either around my bed or on my wall so I don’t have to have the big bedroom light on in the evening. I chose the curtain style because they are so effortless and you can easily hang them on the wall without having to worry about making sure they’re centered in place or worry about them falling. The 8 different lighting settings are great because you can switch the lighting ambiance up depending on what mood you’re in. You can find them here.

Night Stand / Left Side of Bed


The nightstand is in the Finley bedroom set collection from Living spaces, you can find linked here. The drawers are deep and perfect for storing items that you may need easily accessible on the bedside.

I found the charging station one day when I was on Tik Tok and thought it was an amazing purchase. I have an Apple Watch, Airpods, and iPhone, so this charging stand was perfect because you can charge all 3 items at the same time. This specific charging stand comes with a cord that links all chargers to one cord and you do not have to use your own charging cables/cords. If you are like me and have all the Apple products, you will definitely enjoy this and find that it comes in handy. Shoutout to Tik Tok for always making me spend more money lol. Charging stand linked here.

Having my room smell good is very important to me and always helps me relax. I usually switch between lighting my candles or using my essential oil diffuser. I purchased this diffuser a while back from Walmart and it works amazing and has 7 different LED colors you can choose from to light your room up in the evening. My favorite scents are lavender and eucalyptus. Essential Oil Diffuser linked here.

White Picture Ledge 3 pack linked here and single shelf linked here.  Will discuss further down in this blog post.
Plant on shelf is part of 3 pack linked here.
Black Sheets linked here, they come in 9 different colors and they come in 6 different bed sizes.

Bedframe / Comforter Set


As stated further up, I got the Finley bedroom set from Living Spaces in the Queen size, currently they are sold out of some items (I think due to covid-19 and delay in manufacture process) but the bedframe alone is linked here and the full 3 piece bedroom set that I got is linked here. The bedroom set also comes in a 4 piece bedroom set linked here. I got the bedroom set delivered to my house and assembled it myself, which was pretty manageable. I had a great experience with Living Spaces!

I found a 4 piece comforter set at Ross from the brand Sage Home that came with the comforter, 2 shams, and one decorative pillow. I couldn’t find the exact set I got or brand but I found some similar ones from Amazon linked here, here, and here. I love that it is a neutral color and makes my room flow very well with the gray color of the furniture.

Right Side of Bed


I  did a lot of research to find the perfect black sheets to go with my bed. I found some  from Amazon linked here, they are very cozy and soft, and decided to go with these because they had really great reviews and also really great packaging. Highly recommend! They come in 9 different colors and they come in 6 different bed sizes.

The lamp, shelf, and artificial succulent plants I found on a very successful trip to IKEA! Closer picture of plants below.

I’ve had my eye on the Holmo Floor Lamp for quite a while, because I loved that it wasn’t a traditional standing lamp style. There is a foot button for easy ability to turn on/off and the shade is made from rice paper which makes a mellow lighting ambiance. Lamp double pack linked here and single lamp linked here.

Artificial Plants


I knew I wanted plants in my room but I wasn’t quite sure if I wanted to go with artificial plants or real plants. After weighing out a pros and cons list I figured artificial would be better so I could avoid having bugs in my room and also wouldn’t have to worry about watering the plants daily. I found these plants at IKEA and fell in love with them! I love succulents and I have a couple real ones of my own, I saw they came in a 3 pack and knew I had to snag them for my room. Artificial 3 pack succulent plants linked here.

Since I decided to get the plants, I needed to get shelves for my room to display the plants but had to decide between clear shelves or white. I saw these shelves at IKEA and love them because they are deep enough for you to put photos, plants, and many other different things for display.  White photo ledge shelf linked here.


I got this artificial potted plant from my good friend for my birthday this past year, I like that it came in a neutral colored vase and paired well with the other artificial plants on the other side of my bed. This plant is part of a 3 pack as well and can be found here.

Black Easel Mirror


I was looking for good standing body mirror for quite a while and I wanted one that I didn’t have to worry about hanging on a wall or door and creating more holes in the wall. I ended up finding this mirror at TJ Maxx, it was the last one on the shelf so I knew it was meant to be. The easel makes it easy to set anywhere and it is the perfect body mirror for try-on sessions, outfit selfies, etc. I found similar ones here, here, and here.

Throughout this process I learned that I really enjoy interior design and really letting my creative juices flow in a different way I never allowed them to. I truly feel at peace when I walk into my room and even when I spend time in there and I think that is so important since I spend so much time in there. I’m so happy I was able to share my process with you and hope you have found some items that would look great in your room as well! If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to me via this post or even my Instagram. If you want to stay updated with me or don’t follow me yet, feel free to do so here! You can also follow my Like To Know It account to keep up with purchases I make and shop direct links here. Thanks for reading 🙂

Xoxo, Lori Allison ❤

Change is Inevitable ✨

Hi! Hello, how are ya?

Wow, it has almost been 6 months since I wrote my last blog post, its crazy how fast time flies.. to say I have missed writing would definitely be an understatement to say the least. I had a little bit of writers block during this time that I have been away – a lot has happened in my personal life and I think I just needed time to process and accept the changes.

One thing I have  come to realize is – change is inevitable, I mean obviously right? But its a lot easier to say then to actually accept. I don’t know if its just me, but I have never really been a fan of change. After a while of having the same routine, I get into my own little comfort zone and think things will be stay that way. Change has always been something I have had trouble dealing with but I have learned that I just need to accept it and continue to move on. I have always been very optimistic and ambitious so it really doesn’t make too much sense why I would not adapt well to change, but I am a strange person and sometimes I don’t always make sense. Now that I am in my new little groove and adjusted, I thought now is a better time than ever to share some updates that have gone on in my life since summer time and to share things I have learned along the way. And what better time to do than now, being in quarantine lol. 😅

I Moved Out

I officially moved out of my parents house and into my first apartment at the end of June 2019! I had this goal that I wanted to be living on my own by the time I turned 25, I wasn’t too sure if I would make happen but I actually achieved it! Moving out and becoming a full and functioning adult has been a little tougher than I ever expected. I have always been very good with money and saving money but let me tell you – once you move out there are a lot of expenses that you have to take into consideration and a lot of adjustments you have to make. When I was living at home, all I was paying for was gas and my own personal purchases. When I moved out I had agreed with my parents to start paying everything myself – rent, gas, car insurance, phone bill, car payment, etc. This was a huge adjustment for me because I was fortunate enough to not have to pay any bills while going to school and even after graduation. It definitely has not been easy but I have been adapting and making it work. A piece of advice I would offer those still living at home – save your money for as long as you can! I still live in the same city as my parents, and not too far away from them either but now looking back on it, I am not too sure why I was in such a rush to be out of the house and living on my own. Once I have my mind made up however, I am set on my ways and sticking to it – that’s the stubborn side of me lol. Needless to say, I have to be more strategic with how I am spending my money and what I am spending it on. Needless to say, blogging became a lot harder and having the motivation to continue with it was a tough decision because I was not shopping as much and felt I didn’t really have much to share with y’all! This is the reality of gaining independence in your young adult life though, so I would rather keep it real with y’all then try to pretend that I am living this lavish lifestyle. I have decided to keep blogging but the content I share will probably change a little bit.


I Became Single

 This is finally something I have come to accept and it has not been easy. When you meet someone who checks all your boxes, you start thinking of this future with them and want to build/grow a life with them. The reality of this though is sometimes things just aren’t meant to work out the way we would like them to. I think the hardest thing about this was that the relationship didn’t end badly so it was hard to separate myself from the relationship. Spending over a year with someone is a lot of time and its a big adjustment to go from seeing/talking to someone everyday to not. Having a strong support system is something that truly helped me throughout these months and just allowing myself to feel the emotions and process everything as it came. Breakups are never easy and I don’t think they ever will be, but the good news is that in time – things do get better and you do get stronger. Turning to my support system and music really helped me push past the heartbreak.

I Turned 25

I couldn’t believe it – I had tried to brace myself for this for months but it came a lot faster than I imagined. Just hearing the numbers 25 was mind-blowing to me because I literally remember just turning 21. The years go so much faster once you hit your 20’s. Reaching a quarter of a lifetime was scary to think about at first, but once I really thought about it – I realized I have achieved a lot within these past 25 years of life. I graduated high school, and graduated with two degrees – my associates and my bachelors, I moved out of state (twice), I started my career, and moved out. I have achieved so much and couldn’t help but be excited for the next five years and to think of all the new goals and things I would like to achieve. Time definitely goes by fast but you can’t escape it. We are going to get older, it is inevitable, so why not make the most of it!



I Got New Piercings

Not 1, but 2! Since I was in my late teens, I wanted to get my nose pierced but since I was still living with my parents, I had to follow their rules and my parents didn’t want me to have any piercings or tattoos. Once I moved out, I was trying to think about what I wanted to do for my birthday and it finally dawned on me that I could get my nose piercing! The week after my birthday I went with my roommate to get my nose pierced and it surprisingly didn’t hurt at all! Of course, I still had to be respectful to my parents so I spoke to them about it before getting it and they weren’t crazy about it but understood that I lived on my own now and respected my wishes of what I wanted. The nose piercing was definitely an adjustment, especially when it came to blowing my nose but it healed pretty fast and it added a nice little accessory to my daily appearance. If y’all would like to know more about my nose piercing, feel free to reach out to me. One piece of advice is to make sure your work place approves of it before going and getting it! I made sure to ask my boss and looked up the company guidelines before getting it, just to be sure. Aside from the nose piercing, I also got my second ear hole pierced, this one was one I had wanted for a while but just never got around to getting it. So one day in November I was feeling spontaneous and just decided to go and get it done. I think why it took me so long to get it was because I didn’t know if it was better to get it done at Claire’s or if I should go to an actual tattoo shop. Pro Tip: After doing my research I realized that the best option was to get it done at a tattoo shop because at Claire’s you pay more for the actual jewelry than you do for the service. I have loved the new piercing additions and also plan to get more piercings in the future to build up my ear candy game.


The text I received from my mom the morning of my nose piercing


Right after I got my nose pierced

I Got A Puppy

Yes! I FINALLY got a puppy! If you actually know me in real life, you know how long I have been wanting this to happen! Since I was a little girl, I would beg my parents for a puppy for all the big occasions like my birthdays and Christmas’s and I never got one! My parents and family in general are not big dog people, much less animal people. For so long, I have always been the only animal lover in my family and I always told my mom once I moved out I would be getting a dog. Now, I didn’t think I would get a dog literally right when I moved out but things pretty much ended up happening that way.. I moved out in June, and I got my pup in February. One piece of advice I will give, is not to get a puppy in your first apartment ever! That is definitely a mistake that I made and didn’t realize until a little later.

But yes, I finally got a pup, her name is Ellie and she is a pure bred tri-colored Corgi. Not to be biased, but she is the prettiest little Corgi I have ever seen. Among being beautiful, she is also very sassy and stubborn but I would not change her for the world. Being a first time dog owner, there are many things I was unprepared for or unaware of, but this has definitely been a learning experience and I truly love being a dog-mom!  If you are interested in getting a pup of your own, I would definitely recommend doing your research before getting one. I knew I had wanted a corgi for so long and did tons of research before finalizing on the decision to get her and I still feel like I was a bit unprepared. Ellie keeps my life interesting and I am entertained by her daily. My family has also adapted to her very well and are so loving and caring towards her, its truly the cutest thing.



We can’t predict what the future will bring but there will come changes, I’ve come to realize that change is the beauty of life. We are ever growing, ever evolving creatures and I have faith that life will continue to bring positive changes. I know the good may come with some bad times but I am blessed with the life I live and I would not change it for anything. For those of you who have followed along with my journey since 2015, thank you. I thank each and every one of my followers, readers, and friends for being patient with me and my inconsistency. I want to be as genuine and real as possible and the truth is that life is not always rainbows, butterflies, and sunflowers. Sometimes life is hard and rough but I have come to accept it all. I have experienced some really big milestones within these past 6 months and I don’t know if all of those would’ve been achievable if the experiences before didn’t shape me.

 I hope everything going on with the world right now will slow down and we will be able to go back to normal again so I can go brunchin’ and share some more places with ya’ll! This will definitely be my outlet during this self quarantine time so I know for a fact I will be seeing y’all soon 🙂

Xoxo, Lori Allison

Below is one of my favorite songs from Jhene Aiko, one of my favorite artists. The first line in her song is change is inevitable therefore that is the title of this blog post.

Brunch with Lori – The Funkadelic

Happy Wednesday Brunch Lovers and welcome to another Brunch with Lori postI hope everyone is having a great week so far, we are halfway to the weekend 🙂

A while back while visiting Austin for one of the many times, I went to brunch with some of my girlfriends at The Funkadelic. I found out about this place through Yelp, seriously the BEST app for all foodies! There is so much you can do on the app but that is a whole other blog posts worth. The name The Funkadelic was what caught my attention first and foremost but once I looked at pictures of the food I knew we had to check it out!

When we arrived at The Funkadelic, there was a line outside the door so I got a little nervous because we were all already so hungry and also still had to drive back home after we ate. Once we got out of the car we realized the long line was to order and not people waiting for a table so we decided to stay in line. While we waited, there was a worker outside talking to customers and handing out menu’s for us to look at while we waiting to order inside. There were a lot of local people in line along with some  Austin visitors, like us. The restaurant is not very big so tables fill up fast after you order your food but the workers are very accommodating to finding you a table in a timely manner. They also do have additional seating at the Stouthaus Coffee Pub right next door.

The Funkadelic is located on South Lamar Blvd in Sunset Valley, TX which is in South Austin, TX. They serve brunch 7 days a week from 7:30am-3:30pm. Their slogan is “Brunch for the Masses”. One thing I also learned about them is that they offer cooking classes several times a month! If you live in Austin, I would definitely check out their  cooking classes!



Their menu allows you to try different kinds of international brunch comfort cuisines, ranging from Migas, Pupusas, and of course, your traditional pancakes and waffles with their own little flare. One thing I love about this restaurant and many other Austin eateries is that they use ingredients from local farms and vendors and everything is made from scratch. They have gluten free options as well as vegan and vegetarian options. You can also eat there or order to go.


I ordered the Braised Citrus Pork Carnitas with a pancake on the side. Let me tell you, these carnitas were probably the best I have ever had! They had the perfect hint of lime and all the ingredients flowed so well together and tasted so good! The tacos were stuffed to the max and so filling, I barley had enough room to eat the pancake especially because it was so big but it so delicious, as well!


My friends and I got the Bison Quesadillas to share, yummy!


Mouth watering French Toast!


My friends and I all got something different and  of course had to go around trying each others! We also tried the Chips & Queso,  The Hash Scramble & Miguelito’s Pupusas (not pictured).  We were SO satisfied and happy with everything we ordered and how amazing the food was! All the workers were so nice and friendly as well, while waiting in line, many gave us suggestions on what items they liked and what were their favorites. Another thing I also loved about the Funkadelic is that the owners were working in the restaurant and helping out with anything they need to keep the busy brunch rush running smoothly. The owner and his wife even came by our table and brought us all of our food after putting the finishing garnish touchings on each plate. I feel like you really don’t see owners present at restaurants so that was really nice to see. I truly loved the atmosphere and everything about this place! I definitely want to stop by again the next time I’m in Austin to try more items from the menu! I 100% recommend this place and hope everyone gets to try it if you live in Austin or are just visiting, be sure to add it to your list!

Outfit details:


I had a long weekend in Austin, filled with many fun activities and wanted to wear something comfortable to brunch so I went with this outfit pictured above. I found this cute red and white striped skort, yes you read that right, skort (I haven’t worn one since I was a little girl) at Forever 21 and knew I had to get it! I paired it with a black off shoulder body suit that I also got at Forever 21 and some black strappy sandals that I got at Target. Perfect, cute but comfortable brunch outfit!

Thank you for following along with me on my brunch journey!

 Remember to follow me on Instagram and I will see you next time for brunch!

Xoxo, Lori Allison ❤

My Favorite Podcasts


Hello and happy Friday beautiful people!

Recently I have hopped onto the podcast train and honestly, I have no idea why it took me soo long! I would say at the beginning of 2019 I became curious about podcasts and started searching for ones that related to my lifestyle and interests. I am always suggesting podcasts to my friends so I figured I should share them with y’all too! I listen to these podcasts weekly either on my way to work, at work, or while working out. Each podcast has a specific day that new episodes come out so I have a podcast or two for almost everyday of the week! If you are interested in learning about my favorite podcasts, just keep reading 🙂

Locatora Radio


New Capitulos: Bi-Monthly

Locatora Radio is a “Radiophonic Novela” hosted by two educated latinx woman, Diosa Femme and Mala Munoz who are born and raised natives of Los Angeles and refer to themselves as Mamis of Myths and Bullshit. The podcast is committed to archiving and celebrating the brilliance’s and legacies of women of color. Their episodes topics range from technology, pop culture, mental health, inter-sectional feminism, and much more. They have different themes each season and have had 4 seasons thus far. Brown girl hour is in session while you are listening to this podcast. I love being a locamore and supporting Mala and Disoa through their podcasts, I started listening to their podcast when they were in their 30 something episodes and went down the list and listened to each and every capitulo from the beginning. I relate to so much of their content and experiences as a young Latina woman and love that they can be the voice and successors for many Womxn of Color around the world.

Favorite Capitulos:

  • Capitulo 8: Femme Tech Part 1 & 2
  • Capitulo 012: Espacious y Palacios
  • Capitulo 016: Multidimensional Heaux
  • Capiutlo 021: La Otra – Sidepiece Culture
  • Capiutlo 031: Amor Prohibido
  • Capitulo 063: Spiritual Technology
  • Capitulo 067: Consent, Pleasure, and Play

You can listen to their podcast on Apple Podcasts, Spotifty, Soundcloud, Audioboom.

Follow their Instagram and Twitter

Bottom of the Map


New Episodes: Every Monday

Bottom of the Map is a podcast taking hip-hop conversation in a new direction. Christina Lee, music journalist and Dr. Regina N. Bradley have weekly conversations about their passion of southern hip-hop and its effect on the world. I love this podcast because you get to learn more about the history and growth of hip hop from two educated women that know their hip-hop music! You can also subscribe to their weekly newsletter which shares music played throughout their weekly episodes and discover new music.

Favorite Podcast Episodes:

  • Da Baddest Big Ol’ Freak
  • Claimin’ True: 25 years of Outkast!
  • Our Band is Better Than Your Band
  • Culture in the Cosmos: AfroFuturism, Hip-Hop and Black Joy
  • I Bet You Won’t Get Crunk
  • Virgil Abloh Been Trill: Bottom of the Map LIVE
  • Grab Your (Trap) Passport, We Found a New Plug!

You can listen to their podcast on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Play, and Stitcher.

Instagram and Twitter

As Your Friend Podcast


New Episodes: Mostly every Monday

As Your Friend is a podcast of two best friends Ashley and Eddie who are in their 30’s. They have weekly podcasts about all the adult realness and life’s journey as we get older. Eddie and Ashley’s friendship is the kind of friendship you want to have around because they balance each other out!  Ashley is one of my favorite bloggers – (@Everyday Pursuits), her lifestyle blog is based on travel diaries, style inspo, relationship chats, and more. I have been following her for years and truly feel like she is one of my girlfriends!

Favorite Episodes:

  • Touchbase: What We Learned in Our 20’s
  • Dateline: All Things Dating
  • Body Positivity + Self Confidence
  • Touchbase: Trash the Timeline
  • It’s All in the CBDetails

You can listen to their podcast on Apple Podcasts, Spotify,

Follow them on Instagram

Ladies Like Us


New Episodes: Every Monday

Nazanin Mandi and Nadia Moham are ladies you want to have in your life. This podcast is a lifestyle podcast that provides a modern day women’s prospective on universal issues women face everyday. You may know or recognize Nazanin from modeling and acting, as well as being one of my favorite artists (Miguel)’s wife! I have been following Nazanin and Miguel’s relationship and journey for quite a while and have always loved how real  and spiritual they are! As you find out in early episodes of the podcast, Nadia and Nazanin are cousins and grew up with the same family and cultural views being Persian/ Spanish and they share experiences about their life.

Favorite Episodes:

  • Secret Dreams and Fear of Failure
  •  Mind Your Mental Health with Torri Shack
  • Is There Such a Thing as Soulmates with Miguel
  • Can Women Have and Do It All? w/ Guest Jessi Malay

You can listen to their podcasts on: Apple Podcasts or Podcast One App

Follow them on Instagram 

The Read


New Episode: Every Thursday

This weekly podcast with Kid Fury and Crissle covers pop culture and hip-hop, from throwing shade to spilling tea about recent pop culture events their humor is contagious and so entertaining! Kid Fury and Crissle record their podcast from New York City and also speak about their experiences adapting to living in the City. They are also big advocates for therapy and provide on-air therapy sessions for listeners. Whether you keep up with social media and current events or not, you will get the tea of all recent pop culture events weekly from this podcast!

You can listen to their podcasts on: Apple Podcast, Spotify, iHeartRadioTalk, Soundcloud, and Stitcher.

Follow them on Instagram 

Dead Ass with Khadeen & Devale


New Podcast Episodes: Every Wednesday

You may know Devale and Khadeen from their online Instagram presence and internet fame as vloggers. Devale, a former NFL player and Khadeen a makeup artist, super-mom and wife, keep it real, 100% and DEAD ASS on this podcast from topics ranging from Marriage, Love, and Sex. They reveal their truths, share opinions and inspiration on millennial marriage and parenthood from their 15+ years together, first starting as college sweethearts. I am not married, nor do I have kids but this podcast has taught me so much about love and relationships and I’m sure will continue to.

Favorite Episodes:

  • Insecurrr
  • For the Content Creators Out There
  • Devale Still Big Mad About That Stroller
  • The Gym vs. Baconeggandcheese
  • Culture Clash

You can listen to them on Spotify, Apple Music, and Stitcher.

Devale and Khadeen don’t have an Instagram account specific for their Podcasts but you can follow them on their personal Instagrams: Khadeen and Devale

Each day I keep discovering and learning of new podcasts so I will keep adding onto this post as I find more podcasts that I like. Thanks for reading, I am working on another post so I will be seeing y’all soon! Don’t forget to follow me on instagram !

Xoxo, Lori Allison ❤