6th Street – Do’s and Dont’s

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Last Saturday I celebrated my 21st birthday in Austin on the legendary 6th street after a long day of spending time exploring with my friends. We started getting ready around 10ish and took an Uber down to 6th street around 11, the bars closed at 2 am so it was more than enough time to spend down there. It was my first time being on 6th street and I wasn’t to sure what to expect so I decided to write about the Do’s and Dont’s on 6th street.


  • Wear something you’re comfortable in – I wore a skirt, a crop top, and comfortable pumps because I’m used to wearing heels so I was completely comfortable with what I was wearing but girls who aren’t normally comfortable in heels, DON’T wear them.
  • Go with friends you trust completely – 6th street is known for bars and drinking so be sure you are with good friends and people you trust so they can watch out for you and take care of you if necessary.
  • Eat a good meal before you start drinking – drinking on an empty stomach will only get you drunk way faster and make you feel sick at the end of the night.
  • Wear a sash, tiara, or button saying you’re the birthday girl so that the bars will see it and give you or you and your friends free drinks
  • Try to go to as many bars as possible, just to be able to experience them
  • Stay hydrated – Drink lots and lots of water, the day before and the day of!
  • Don’t pre-game before going out – if you don’t want to be that sloppy drunk person then I recommend not pre-gaming before because the you’ll already be drunk by the time you get downtown.
  • Take lots of pictures and videos – Just in case you don’t remember what happened the next day, you will be able to see pictures and videos that captured significant moments
  • Put an Advil, water, and a trash can by your bed – I had my first hang over the morning after my evening on 6th but having the medicine and water right by my bed in the morning helped it go away faster.


  • Accept drinks from guys or any strangers if you didn’t see them buying them physically – accepting drinks from strangers is very dangerous because they can easily sneak stuff in your drink to take advantage of you
  • Drive yourself, take an uber – Lets face it, nobody likes to be the DD especially if they are the only sober person out of the whole group. Solve this problem and take an Uber so that everybody can enjoy and have fun, Ubers are a lot cheaper than taxi’s too so its a win, win.
  • Stay in Austin for the night, if you don’t live there already – if you have a friend you can stay the night with, do it, or book a hotel room with enough time in advance to stay the evening you plan on going. You and everybody in your group are going to be too drunk and too sleepy to drive back home
  • Lose the group you are with – 6th street is super crowded, no matter what time you go. Make sure you stick with them at all times because there are so many bars and so many people that you can separate from them very quickly and then you have to play phone tag trying to find each other which is hard enough sober, but even worse drunk.
  • Lose your personal belongings – before the night starts tell your best friend or boyfriend to keep an eye on your purse and phone throughout the night because you are going to need the things in your purse and your phone the next day

All these do’s and dont’s apply if you’re going bar hopping or out drinking anywhere, always be safe but enjoy yourself and have a good time!

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Xoxo, Lori Allison

21st Birthday

Hello and happy Thursday lovlies! What has changed about me since I’ve last posted? I am officially 21, wahooo! 🙂

Yesterday was my 21st birthday and I can’t believe how fast it came! It feels like just yesterday I graduated high school and it was really 3 years ago.. how time flies!

Right at midnight I went to a bar close to home and brought in my 21st with all my best friends, my sister, and my boyfriend! I couldn’t have asked for a better group of friends, boyfriend, or sister to spend it with because it was absolutely amazing! I had such a great time!

IMG_8269 I was greeted at midnight by my boyfriend with my favorite flowers ❤

Of course I took wayy too many shots but that’s how your 21st birthday should be because you’re officially legal and you deserve to celebrate!

FullSizeRenderMy sister, boyfriend, me, and my best friends


My sister and I

I woke up on my actual birth Day with a little hangover but I didn’t let it stop me from starting my day off right and having a great day!

I started it by going to lunch with my co-workers at 11 at the Cheesecake Factory, enjoyed a nice lunch, a pina colada, and a birthday cheesecake which was delicious!

After my sister and I went exploring downtown around the Pearl Brewery which is a cool trendy place with different boutiques, restaurants, an ice cream shop, a coffee shop, and a bakery with lots of yummy macaroons, sandwiches, and pastries.

I had never tried Macaroons before and was eager to try them so we stopped in Bakery Lorraine and I got a pistachio one and an earl grey. The pistachio one was super delicious and the earl grey was little different.. it tasted literally like fruit loops cereal with milk, it was very unique! lol


Tupac artwork inside of Bakery Lorraine


After we went to check out Local Coffee which is this super cute and trendy coffee place only here in San Antonio



My cousins work at a restaurant and brewery called Southerleigh and its really awesome because the restaurant is down on the bottom and at the top they have the brewery. We were able to take a tour of the brewery and learn all about how they make the beer they serve which was awesome!


Outfit of the day picture.

two piece set: choies clothing; heels: payless; necklace: charming charlies

Later on once my dad got off of work we went to go eat at Carrabbas Italian Restaurant and after dinner they sang to me and brought out this delicious ice cream dessert with honey and candy almonds


Then once we were done with dinner my boyfriend and I went back to his house so we could celebrate with his family. They made me an amazing cake and gave me my gifts.

His mom got me workout gear since we are always working out and my boyfriend got me a little stuffed lion because we are obsessed with them, they are our favorite animals besides dogs lol. He also surprised me with tickets to the J.Cole concert in Austin coming up next month on the 22nd.

Just a little about me, J.Cole is my all time favorite rapper I first saw him perform in October of 2014 with my friends in Austin and I also met him too because I bought the meet & greet tickets. He was honestly the most humble artist I’ve ever met and he really took the time to talk to me and get to know me for about 5 minutes..I fell in love ❤ lol. The second time I saw him was this past May when he came to San Antonio, my friend and I literally camped out starting at 8am that morning to be front row during his concert like we were for his concert in Austin even though his concert didn’t start until 7 pm lol we are die hard fans but he deserves it for being the kind, humble man he is.

Soo, yes it was a huge deal for my boyfriend to get me tickets to see him again and its the weekend right after I start school so it’ll definitely be a nice little get away before going back to school for a whole 5 months!

The celebration isn’t over yet!

I am sooo excited for this weekend my boyfriend, my friends, and some of my sorority sisters are going to Austin, Texas to go celebrate my birthday down on 6th street (The entertainment district), which if you haven’t heard is the place to turn up lol there are a bunch of bars all down the street and its going to be so much fun! If you’ve heard of SXSW which I hope you have, a lot of the artists go perform at different venues down 6th. Aside from that we are going to adventure Saturday during the day and then Sunday before we leave to go back home.

I’m so ready for this exciting weekend and I will definitely share with you my experiences when I come back and recover from the weekend lmao

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Thank you for reading and have a good evening!

xoxo, Lori Allison