Saturday Outfit of the Day


Hi Loves!

Today I finally was able to wear one of my favorite skirts that I bought from Posh Square. I bought this skirt a few months ago and I just haven’t worn it yet because I hadn’t found a perfect top to wear with it. However, I went to Charlotte Russe for their 40% off sale going on this weekend and found this off the shoulder black and white stripe crop top. I love how off the shoulder tops look with midi skirts so I went ahead and bought it to try it out. I ended up loving how it! Since the outfit was mostly black I decided to add a pop of color and wear my hot pink heels from Go Jane. For my accessories I wore a blingy necklace from Charlotte Russe and then a black hair bow in my hair from Forever 21.


I got so many compliments today from my boss, coworkers and strangers saying I looked very Sex in the City which was a great compliment!

I hope you all enjoyed this outfit and it will bring you inspiration on how to pair midi skirts!

XOXO, Lori Allison

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Rainy Day Outfit


Hey Loves!
I just quickly wanted to share with you my outfit of the day from today. When I woke up to start getting ready for work it was raining pretty hard. I always have trouble finding an outfit to wear on rainy days especially since I don’t own any rain boots at the moment. I’m in the process of trying to find some that are cute and that I actually like, if any of you have rain boots that are cute please let me know where you got them from! Of course on rainy days, nobody wants to get their feet wet because its such a weird, uncomfortable feeling. I am also always cold especially at my work and right now the Texas heat is on another level so all the air conditioners everywhere are on full blast so I’m much colder now lol. I decided to put this outfit together. I got the bodycon black dress from Charlotte Russe. I feel everybody needs a dress like this because you can literally wear it for any occasion, with any shoe and everyone needs a little black dress! I paired it with a black and cardigan that I got from Love Culture, this cardigan was amazing today because it acted as a little blanket of warmth to cover my legs with at work and its super comfy! I also loved that its over-sized because it really did feel like a blanket! Lastly, I completed the outfit with my black combat boots that I got from Target. Target was the only place that had combat boots that I really liked and during the fall season I wear them so much, I love them! For accessories, I wore my Kendra Scott jewelry set from the Mystic Bazaar collection and I styled my hair in a half up/half down bun. Lastly, to add a pop of color I wore my NYX purple lipstick!

Overall, I was able to complete that comfy trendy look for this rainy, chill day. I was so comfortable and I looked trendy at the same time!

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Hope yall had a great Saturday!

XOXO, Lori Allison

Life of a Fashion Blogger/Lifestyle Blogger

Since I’ve started blogging almost a year ago, my lifestyle has definitely changed from the way I was living before. I thought I would share this post with you all because I’m sure we can all relate and its pretty funny.

  1. You take your camera everywhere you go! – You never know if you’ll find the perfect spot to take your outfit picture
  2. Your family and friends are your photographers – its always so much better having someone close to you take your picture especially if they’re your family or friends because they are who you are most comfortable with
  3. When you go out to try a new restaurant or eatery you take pictures of your meal/drink/dessert so you can post it on social media to share with your followers – trying new trendy places is always fun but its also a way to connect with your local followers
  4. Being a fashion blogger, you never want to leave the house in a boring outfit! – I don’t know about you, but since I have become an aspiring fashion blogger, I always want to look my best! Even if it’s a lazy day, I always try to make my outfit look cute and trendy!
  5. Online shopping is your newest way to pass time – Being a fashion blogger, I receive a lot of emails from shops and boutiques that I’ve subscribed to and so many places always have really great sales that I just can’t seem to pass up!
  6. Pinterest is also a new way to pass up time – lets face it pinterest has every category you could ever be into such as crafts, outfit inspiration pictures, workout guides, basically anything that could ever catch your interest!
  7. You’re always thinking of new/different topics to blog about such as trends and celebrities
  8. You’ve gained so many new friends/followers through blogging that can relate to you on a different level than your friends or family sometimes
  9. A majority of your pictures in your phone are of places you’ve ate at or different places you went to
  10. You’re on social media ALL the time!

All these things that I currently do now, I never did before I became a blogger. But i wouldn’t have it any other way because I love inspiring people through my outfit of the days and I love connecting with people through blogging! Our families may think we are crazy but blogging is something we love to do!


Thank you for reading!

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Outfit of the Day

IMG_8469Accessories: Clutch – Sam Moon Trading. Jewelry – Charlotte Russe.


Outfit Details:
I love the color scheme forest green, maroon, and white together especially during the fall season. It is soo hot here in Texas especially now at the end of summer! I decided to wear my white halter crop top from American Eagle. I played around with a lot of different bottoms to pair it with until I decided to style it with this forest green skater skirt from Charlotte Russe. The other day when I went to the outlets I was wearing heels, idk why I decided too wear heels but by the middle of the day I was dying! I had gotten an email that Charlotte Russe had a sale on shoes so I went in there and finally found cheetah flats that I really liked! So I decided to complete my outfit with these cheetah print flats and added a maroon lipstick from Sephora.

Thank you for reading

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xoxo, Lori Allison