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Recently I have hopped onto the podcast train and honestly, I have no idea why it took me soo long! I would say at the beginning of 2019 I became curious about podcasts and started searching for ones that related to my lifestyle and interests. I am always suggesting podcasts to my friends so I figured I should share them with y’all too! I listen to these podcasts weekly either on my way to work, at work, or while working out. Each podcast has a specific day that new episodes come out so I have a podcast or two for almost everyday of the week! If you are interested in learning about my favorite podcasts, just keep reading ūüôā

Locatora Radio


New Capitulos: Bi-Monthly

Locatora Radio is a “Radiophonic Novela” hosted by two educated latinx woman, Diosa Femme and Mala Munoz who are born and raised natives of Los Angeles and refer to themselves as Mamis of Myths and Bullshit. The podcast is committed to archiving and celebrating the brilliance’s and legacies of women of color. Their episodes topics range from technology, pop culture, mental health, inter-sectional feminism, and much more. They have different themes each season and have had 4 seasons thus far. Brown girl hour is in session while you are listening to this podcast. I love being a locamore and supporting Mala and Disoa through their podcasts, I started listening to their podcast when they were in their 30 something episodes and went down the list and listened to each and every capitulo from the beginning. I relate to so much of their content and experiences as a young Latina woman and love that they can be the voice and successors for many Womxn of Color around the world.

Favorite Capitulos:

  • Capitulo 8: Femme Tech Part 1 & 2
  • Capitulo 012: Espacious y Palacios
  • Capitulo 016: Multidimensional Heaux
  • Capiutlo 021: La Otra – Sidepiece Culture
  • Capiutlo 031: Amor Prohibido
  • Capitulo 063: Spiritual Technology
  • Capitulo 067: Consent, Pleasure, and Play

You can listen to their podcast on Apple Podcasts, Spotifty, Soundcloud, Audioboom.

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Bottom of the Map


New Episodes: Every Monday

Bottom of the Map is a podcast taking hip-hop conversation in a new direction. Christina Lee, music journalist and Dr. Regina N. Bradley have weekly conversations about their passion of southern hip-hop and its effect on the world. I love this podcast because you get to learn more about the history and growth of hip hop from two educated women that know their hip-hop music! You can also subscribe to their weekly newsletter which shares music played throughout their weekly episodes and discover new music.

Favorite Podcast Episodes:

  • Da Baddest Big Ol’ Freak
  • Claimin’ True: 25 years of Outkast!
  • Our Band is Better Than Your Band
  • Culture in the Cosmos: AfroFuturism, Hip-Hop and Black Joy
  • I Bet You Won’t Get Crunk
  • Virgil Abloh Been Trill: Bottom of the Map LIVE
  • Grab Your (Trap) Passport, We Found a New Plug!

You can listen to their podcast on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Play, and Stitcher.

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As Your Friend Podcast


New Episodes: Mostly every Monday

As Your Friend is a podcast of two best friends Ashley and Eddie who are in their 30’s. They have weekly podcasts about all the adult realness and life’s journey as we get older. Eddie and Ashley’s friendship is the kind of friendship you want to have around because they balance each other out!¬† Ashley is one of my favorite bloggers – (@Everyday Pursuits), her lifestyle¬†blog is based on travel diaries, style inspo, relationship chats, and more. I have been following her for years and truly feel like she is one of my girlfriends!

Favorite Episodes:

  • Touchbase: What We Learned in Our 20’s
  • Dateline: All Things Dating
  • Body Positivity + Self Confidence
  • Touchbase: Trash the Timeline
  • It’s All in the CBDetails

You can listen to their podcast on Apple Podcasts, Spotify,

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Ladies Like Us


New Episodes: Every Monday

Nazanin Mandi and Nadia Moham are ladies you want to have in your life. This podcast is a lifestyle podcast that provides a modern day women’s prospective on universal issues women face everyday. You may know or recognize Nazanin from modeling and acting, as well as being one of my favorite artists (Miguel)’s wife! I have been following Nazanin and Miguel’s relationship and journey for quite a while and have always loved how real¬† and spiritual they are! As you find out in early episodes of the podcast, Nadia and Nazanin are cousins and grew up with the same family and cultural views being Persian/ Spanish and they share experiences about their life.

Favorite Episodes:

  • Secret Dreams and Fear of Failure
  • ¬†Mind Your Mental Health with Torri Shack
  • Is There Such a Thing as Soulmates with Miguel
  • Can Women Have and Do It All? w/ Guest Jessi Malay

You can listen to their podcasts on: Apple Podcasts or Podcast One App

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The Read


New Episode: Every Thursday

This weekly podcast with Kid Fury and Crissle covers pop culture and hip-hop, from throwing shade to spilling tea about recent pop culture events their humor is contagious and so entertaining! Kid Fury and Crissle record their podcast from New York City and also speak about their experiences adapting to living in the City. They are also big advocates for therapy and provide on-air therapy sessions for listeners. Whether you keep up with social media and current events or not, you will get the tea of all recent pop culture events weekly from this podcast!

You can listen to their podcasts on: Apple Podcast, Spotify, iHeartRadioTalk, Soundcloud, and Stitcher.

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Dead Ass with Khadeen & Devale


New Podcast Episodes: Every Wednesday

You may know Devale and Khadeen from their online Instagram presence and internet fame as vloggers. Devale, a former NFL player and Khadeen a makeup artist, super-mom and wife, keep it real, 100% and DEAD ASS on this podcast from topics ranging from Marriage, Love, and Sex. They reveal their truths, share opinions and inspiration on millennial marriage and parenthood from their 15+ years together, first starting as college sweethearts. I am not married, nor do I have kids but this podcast has taught me so much about love and relationships and I’m sure will continue to.

Favorite Episodes:

  • Insecurrr
  • For the Content Creators Out There
  • Devale Still Big Mad About That Stroller
  • The Gym vs. Baconeggandcheese
  • Culture Clash

You can listen to them on Spotify, Apple Music, and Stitcher.

Devale and Khadeen don’t have an Instagram account specific for their Podcasts but you can follow them on their personal Instagrams:¬†Khadeen¬†and¬†Devale

Each day I keep discovering and learning of new podcasts so I will keep adding onto this post as I find more podcasts that I like. Thanks for reading, I am working on another post so I will be seeing y’all soon! Don’t forget to follow me on instagram¬†!

Xoxo, Lori Allison ‚̧

Straight Out of Compton Review

So this past weekend my boyfriend and I went with some of his family to see Straight Out of Compton. We have been waiting for this movie to come out since we saw the trailer for it a while back, so we were really excited to watch it! My boyfriend and I are huge music lovers and we especially love rap music.

If you are a big rap music lover, I highly suggest you go see this movie because it is really good! You learn the story about N.W.A (Niggas With Attitude) and how they come up through the artistry of rapping about their everyday lives growing up in Compton, California. Compton is known for its gang violence and drug trafficking going on, that not many people survive. N.W.A. consisted of Ice Cube, Dr. Dre, Eazy-E, MC Ren, and DJ Yella. Dr. Dre was good with making beats and he’s the reason the whole group got together in the first place because he has the vision of making it in the music industry and getting himself out of Compton to do better for him and for his family. Ice Cube was the one with all the rhymes and was always writing. Eazy-E was of course the one with money because he was dealing drugs during that time. He had never rapped before in his life, until Dr. Dre encouraged him to rap “Boyz-N-The-Hood” and then his rapping career took off, with that one song. Eazy-E had met Jerry Heller one day while picking up more records of “Boyz-N-The-Hood” to sell around Compton and he was the first person who believed in N.W.A. Jerry was a white man and¬† even police officers and his friends didn’t think that N.W.A. had much to offer because they were black and didn’t think their rapping was talent or art. Finally, however, Jerry’s friend from Priority Records is interested in them and ends up signing all of N.W.A. except Ice Cube which you will see why when you go watch the movie.

I was so impressed with the cast of this movie and how they resembled the characters they were playing so well! I also thought it was so cool that Ice Cube had his son play him in the movie, which was a role he played soo well, but of course with Ice Cube being his dad he has learned and picked up on many things because of his father.



Actor – Jason Mitchell


Ice Cube


His Son – O’shea Jackson Jr.


Dr. Dre


Actor – Corey Hawkins

The movie was directed so well and I truly recommend that everyone go and see it! I have nothing negative to say about it because it went well over my expectations of it! In the first weekend of being out the movie earned over $50 million, which alone should let you know how good it is! The movie captures all the viewers emotions from comedy, sadness, happiness, and so forth. The story line truly portrays N.W.A’s come up from Compton and continues to share their lives with you after becoming famous. Eazy-E, Dr. Dre, and Ice Cube all end up going down their own paths but in the end, when it matters the most, they come together. I definitely think everyone should check it out for themselves and see how you like it! Of course be aware that it does show a nudity and have offensive language but these are all factors that play into the story so just keep an open mind!

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XOXO, Lori Allison