Outfit of the day – Comfy Mondaze

Lets face it, Mondays are always slow and being the day right after the weekend everybody is trying to recover from the weekend whether it was full of drinking or it was a relaxing one. First you dread your alarm clock going off, and then once it has gone off for about 3 times comes the part of dreading to get out of bed. Although my weekend wasn’t crazy, I still wanted to be comfy this Monday so I put this outfit together and I was trendy and comfy the whole day 🙂


My crop top is from the Forever 21 outlet store in San Marcos, TX and it says “I believe I love fashion much more than anybody I’ve ever met” when I saw this top I just had to get it because it was so true! My pants are from American Eagle and still my favorite pants I own right now. My sandals are from Guess that I got for a really good price a few years ago and still wear them every once in a while, as you can see they have gold spikes all over the straps.


My necklace is from a jewelry store located in Austin called Shira Melody Jewelry, you can find them on IG at shiramelodyjewelry


My purse is from Sam Moon Trading and for those of you who have never heard of it, it is a HUGE accessory store with lots of jewelry, purses, belts, socks, phone cases, literally anything you can imagine! You can find them on IG at Sammoon. And lastly my bracelet is from Shira Melody as well!

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Everybody have a great Tuesday!

xoxo, Lori Allison

Outfit and makeup of the day 

Good evening loves! Sorry I am posting so late, today was my day off so I took the time to rest and enjoy my day! Today I went out to lunch with one of my best friends and then spent the day at the pool before the storm came.

I am a big fan of kimonos and bold colors so today I decided to wear my kimono that I got from Francesca’s and paired it with loose fitting shorts from Charlotte Russe and a crop top also from Charlotte Russe. I felt like an all black outfit was good to wear under this kimono because there are a lot of blues and purples already on the kimono which add color. I paired it with black booties that I got from Go Jane. For the accessories I decided to add a pop of color so I went with jewelry from Kendra Scott and threw on a straw hat that I had laying around in my room! This outfit was perfect for today since it was rainy because the kimono and hat protected me from the rain.

For my makeup of the day I did my usual makeup routine and used my bronzer/ blush duo from Nars Cosmetics and then added my new NYX intense butter gloss to complete my look.  

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xoxo, loriallison