Life of a Fashion Blogger/Lifestyle Blogger

Since I’ve started blogging almost a year ago, my lifestyle has definitely changed from the way I was living before. I thought I would share this post with you all because I’m sure we can all relate and its pretty funny.

  1. You take your camera everywhere you go! – You never know if you’ll find the perfect spot to take your outfit picture
  2. Your family and friends are your photographers – its always so much better having someone close to you take your picture especially if they’re your family or friends because they are who you are most comfortable with
  3. When you go out to try a new restaurant or eatery you take pictures of your meal/drink/dessert so you can post it on social media to share with your followers – trying new trendy places is always fun but its also a way to connect with your local followers
  4. Being a fashion blogger, you never want to leave the house in a boring outfit! – I don’t know about you, but since I have become an aspiring fashion blogger, I always want to look my best! Even if it’s a lazy day, I always try to make my outfit look cute and trendy!
  5. Online shopping is your newest way to pass time – Being a fashion blogger, I receive a lot of emails from shops and boutiques that I’ve subscribed to and so many places always have really great sales that I just can’t seem to pass up!
  6. Pinterest is also a new way to pass up time – lets face it pinterest has every category you could ever be into such as crafts, outfit inspiration pictures, workout guides, basically anything that could ever catch your interest!
  7. You’re always thinking of new/different topics to blog about such as trends and celebrities
  8. You’ve gained so many new friends/followers through blogging that can relate to you on a different level than your friends or family sometimes
  9. A majority of your pictures in your phone are of places you’ve ate at or different places you went to
  10. You’re on social media ALL the time!

All these things that I currently do now, I never did before I became a blogger. But i wouldn’t have it any other way because I love inspiring people through my outfit of the days and I love connecting with people through blogging! Our families may think we are crazy but blogging is something we love to do!


Thank you for reading!

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