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Hello Loves!

WOW! It has been such a long time since I have blogged, hopefully I haven’t been forgotten..

SO much has happened since my last post.. So let me catch you up on things.

I am officially a college graduate! YAY! Yes its true, as of May 2017 I officially became a college graduate. I still can’t believe that its already about to be a year, my how time flies!


As many of you know, I completed an internship with Disney in Spring of 2016. Not many of you know, however, that I went back for another internship shortly after I graduated college. This Disney lover, just couldn’t get enough of Disney, so of course I had to go back to Florida for one last hurrah before becoming a full time adult (who is still a Disney fanatic). You can take the girl out of Disney, but you cant take Disney out of the girl 🙂
So – I completed the internship (had THE BEST 4 months of my life) and shortly after the New Year, I moved back to Texas, my most favorite state of all time & my home.


Now I am living back in Texas, San Antonio but I hope to be moving out of San Antonio and to a new city in Texas very soon.
What have I been doing since I moved home, you ask? Oh you know, the post grad life: working, working, working (trying to save enough money to move out) and of course trying to find a full time job so I can be a full-time adult. As exciting as all of this may sound – something is still missing from my life – what possibly could it be?

Of course, I miss blogging and updating you all on my life, my outfits, and of course my shopping hauls. The good news out of all of this, is that xoxo, Lori Allison is coming back and I promise you all that I will be uploading content more regularly since I no longer have a crazy busy undergrad life (which I actually sometimes really miss). I guess I was good at being a busy body(?) but now I can put my energy into more exciting things like blogging again.

I am super excited to reconnect with you all and I can’t wait to hear from you all 🙂


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Lori Allison ❤

DCP Spring 2016

Holy crap! This girl is moving to THE HAPPIEST PLACE ON EARTH! 😀

So a little less than a week ago I found out I finally got accepted for the Disney College Program for next semester, spring 2016!

This is my 3rd time applying and I guess you could say Third Times A Charm! So I will officially be leaving Texas, to live in Florida for 4 months on January 25th! It’ll be my first time being on my own, ever, and I am so ready for this new journey! I know it will be a little scary being on my own in a completely different state over 1,000 miles from my family, friends, and boyfriend. I have gone to Disney World at least 5 times with my family, and I have fallen more in love with it every single time. But I can’t believe I will be living and working there!

If any of you don’t know what the Disney College Program is, its for college students either going to a university or community college, you have to have a good GPA, and be a full time student. Other than this, you can choose whether you want to live in California or Florida and you would be working in one of the parks with a specific job role for a full semester. You have the ability to take classes there if you want to while you’re working, and the cool thing is they have on site housing that a little bit of your paycheck will help pay every month. Its a great way to gain independence, but also network with people all over the world, make new memories and experiences.

I’m planning to start blogging a lot more once I move over there because I will have a lot more time on my hands and would like to share my journey with you all! I will hopefully start vlogging too, maybe even featuring some of my cast members and different things going on in the parks during my program!