Did someone say Acai?

The other day while out exploring downtown San Antonio, I stumbled upon a food truck around the Broadway area across from The Pearl Brewery. From a long day of adventuring, I had become super hungry and decided to check out  “Rise Up SA”. As many food trucks, the “Rise Up SA” food truck was very unique and specialize in vegan, organic smoothies and acai bowls.

I had tried acai yogurt before, a few years ago but had never had acai by itself. Needless to say, I was curious to try something from there, I looked over their menu which had many amazing choices and decided to try their AB&J acai bowl. Acai bowls are on the rise and becoming a lot more popular as a food choice, and I can see why.

I love food trucks because everything is always made fresh and the owners are always so friendly and excited to share their unique creations with you.  Once my acai bowl was ready, one of the owners brought it out to me and it looked amazingly delicious! I took one big spoonful of it and was blown away with how yummy it was! I was also surprised at how cold it was, almost as if I was eating ice cream, but better. The acai was topped with bananas, strawberries, hemp seeds, and almonds – basically heaven in your mouth!



I ate halfway through the bowl and I felt so full – not the sickly kind of full, but a healthy full! I learned that Acai is a type of berry that comes from South America. and that acai bowls can actually be eaten as a full meal. It was so filling and delicious, it was easily the healthiest and most colorful meal I had ever had. I also paid a reasonable amount of money for all that was given to me, which I loved because I’m usually left wanting more.

If you live in the San Antonio area, be sure to check out Rise Up SA, you can find their exact address on their Instagram and Twitter. The owners were some of the friendliest girls I’ve ever met! Aside from the acai bowls they also make their own juices and smoothies – so there is options for everybody!

If you aren’t in the San Antonio area, be sure to go find a local place near you that sells acai bowls and try one! You definitely will not be disappointed.

Here is another treasure I found while exploring by the Pearl Brewry, I just had to get a picture with it to show how much I love tacos, Texas, and of course the Spurs Coyote!


McKinney Falls State Park

This past Saturday was an adventure day! My boyfriend and I and some of our friends packed our bags for the day and headed out to a park in Austin, Texas named Mckinney Falls State Park. One of the many things I love about mine and my boyfriends relationship is that we love nature, exploring, and adventuring and now that summer is here, we are going to try to go somewhere new every other Saturday of the summer. McKinney Falls was one of the top places we wanted to go see this summer, so needless to say we were very excited!


My lovely boyfriend and I



My sorority sister Veronica and I throwing what we know “Kappa Delta Chi”



The Falls

This park is located a little on the outskirts of Austin and it is absolutely breathtaking! There are two different places with falls all in driving distance of each other. There are the “Little Falls” and the “big Falls” The little falls are good for children because its not too deep and the big falls are awesome for adults because you are able to jump off the rocks. The whole park is family friendly and there is even a trail for walking and biking. I definitely want to go back when we have a chance to do the trail and see the scenic view of Austin. Overall I had an amazing time jumping into the water and just not having a care in the world for at least one day! I recommend anybody who lives in Texas to visit this park and even those who don’t live in Texas but want to visit one day. Texas is filled with so many beautiful places and natural areas and that’s one of the things I love about living here!

More adventures to come soon that I will share with you all!

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xoxo, loriallison