Athelta Grand Opening

San Antonio!
Exciting news, we officially have an Athleta at The Shops at La Cantera!


For those of you who don’t know Athleta is in the same family as Gap, Old Navy, and Banana Republic but is a store aimed more for women and athletic wear. Their motto is “The Power of She.” I love this because they empower women to feel great and beautiful in the bodies their in and I must say Athleta clothing just make you feel amazing! Another great thing about this company is that they offer workout apparel that is made from organic cotton and recycled poly. They are really considerate of the world and environment and taking care of the planet. Me being a huge nature lover that I am, this is something that I loved about the company.

I was gifted a pair of black High Rise Chaturanga tights and I must say they are my favorite pair of workout pants ever! They are thick enough to where nothing shows if I bend over but I still have enough room to breath and be comfort for movement. I was given these leggins at the end of October and I swear I’ve worn them once a week since then. They are amazing and so comfortable and I definitely recommend them to all my friends and followers!


The morning of the grand opening party, Athleta held a yoga class outside of the store at 8am and it was the perfect way to start my day! After the yoga class was the official store opening ribbon cutting ceremony and then the store was officially up and rolling! Right away I was handed a swag bag full of goodies and was greeted by The Corner Bakery with yogurt parfaits and fruit, and Einstein Bagels coffee, both of which were delicious! I was able to take a quick walk through the beautiful hard wood store before I had to head to class in my amazing tights!

Later on, I came back to the store for the official grand opening party. There was aerial yoga going on thanks to Aeriel Yoga Boerne (@aerielyoggaboerne) and Arbonne International (@arbonne) and there was treats from Zoe’s Kitchen.

I’m so happy I was invited out to the grand opening and that I was able to learn more about Athleta as a brand. They  definitely earned a customer, I will definitely be shopping there again soon!

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My Fitness Journey

Back in May my boyfriend I started working out since it was officially summer time and we wanted to have great bodies for all our summer adventures and to be healthy because we had more time to spend at the gym.

We officially have been working out for 4 months consistently and I wanted to share with you all my results from my first blog post about it in June. I put together collages of 4 to show off all the main muscle groups. The top left pictures are from May, the top right pictures are from June, the bottom left pictures is from July, and the bottom right pictures are the most recent ones from earlier this month.

For the past 4 months we run a mile everyday before we go to the gym and then go to the gym straight after. We workout Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Friday and we take off Wednesdays and on weekends to give our bodies a break.

Mondays the first two months used to be cardio days for me and then the last two months I changed them to work a little chest, biceps, and triceps
Tuesdays are back days
Thursdays are leg days
Fridays are shoulder days


Back & Arms


Abs & Butt






Abs and Arms


Glutes & Legs


My boyfriend and I

One thing I have loved about working out with my boyfriend is that we are constantly motivating each other to push and finish out our workout. Its really great to have someone pushing you to do your best and not just working out by yourself.

I’m very proud of how much I have grown and gotten stronger throughout these 4 months. Its so amazing to feel yourself getting stronger and so rewarding to be able to move up in weights and really train my body to achieve all these workouts.

I’m very happy with my results and I feel and look better than I ever have before! I’m very nervous with school coming up because I know I’m going to be super busy with school, work, a possible internship, sorority, and a social life on top of it but I know if I just think positive and believe that everything will workout and I will be able to achieve everything!

If you are interested in my workout routine and all the different workouts reps and sets just comment and let me know 🙂

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